Storage Wars

I got sucked into this one. Talk about a guilty pleasure. This reality show follows four men who go to auctions for abandoned storage lockers. They can see what’s inside the locker, but they can’t go in so they have go guess, but the way the junk is packaged and box whether there’s much value inside.

These men know each other and compete with each other sometimes driving up the price of a locker just for the hell of it. This week there were a few busts, but some lockers held valuable jewelry, a rock collection, and a cache of flare guns that was worth a pretty penny. Some of the best moments are when they go to an expert for an appraisal. That’s a bit like an edgy Antique Roadshow. The guys who do the bidding remind me of American Chopper’s cast.

I think if I watch this too many times, I’ll wind up at one of the auctions.


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