I like both of these

My facebook friend and Act One teacher, Jan Batchler has two interesting videos on her YouTube Channel:

I love how Web 2.0 allows us to create and share such creative projects.

Much Ado About Nothing

A strong ensemble cast make this Shakespearean comedy a delight. Well, the only weak link was Keanu Reeves, who was wooden throughout. Otherwise I enjoyed this story and especially relished how merry everyone was. I have to use that word “merry” as the people in the story were so happy, in a way that we just aren’t nowadays.

I hadn’t seen or read this play before and liked the language, as one would expect. Denzel Washington was great as were Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh. Michael Keaton was kind of odd in his role, but not as bad as Reeves. I know he was the villian, but Keanu just seemed so constipated throughout the story.

I liked the costumes and the setting in the summer at an Italian villa. The pretend horses the nobles and guards rode were taken from Monty Python, but I didn’t think that worked. Yet there was enough that was good to keep watching.

I was surprised at how serious things got at the climax. We just don’t go that far in comedies. All seemed lost for a while.

It’s a fun way to check a classic off one’s bucket list.