Walking and Talking

I’d call this slice of life movie with Catherine Keener and Ann Heche, Walking and Whining. The stakes are never that high, the feelings never too deep. Were there a lot of such films in 1996? How did this get into my Netflix queue? What did I do to get this recommendation?

It’s the story of two life long best friends, now in I’d guess their early 30s. Ann’s character’s about to marry and Catherine’s love life is dreary. She just can’t find a guy. Ann’s engaged, but doubtful and toys with the possibility of a relationship with a waiter at her regular coffee shop. There are moments that are endearing or observant of the era, but nothing memorable. I do wonder if the times have changed or relationships and expectations are better managed or that this film just fails to really connect with experiences outside the writer and director’s frame of reference. For whatever reason, there really wasn’t much satisfying here.