the long goodbye, part 2

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith took the reins from Tom Hanks in the second installment of Oprah’s farewell extravaganza.

I couldn’t see the whole thing as I had to catch a train, but was again impressed with what I saw. It was one big name star after another interspersed with honors to Oprah who, for example, is responsible for supporting over 64,000 people’s continued education.

High points for me were Jerry Seinfeld’s bit on how Oprah provided husband training for him and Maria Shriver’s appearance. This show was taped right when the news of Arnold’s secret love child hit the news and I wouldn’t slight her one iota if Maria just told the producers I’m dealing with too much now to put on a happy face and participate. Gayle King could easily have done that part solo. Maria’s got chutzpah.

Kristen Chenoweth belted out a song and BeyoncĂ© sang and danced about female empowerment wearing a skimpy outfit that sent a confusing message. I didn’t get to see the rest. I’m sure I would have shed a tear or two despite my disdain for such sentimentality. Oprah sure has influence.