Glee Finale

I really enjoyed last year’s finale and the second to last Glee episode “Funeral.” I did approach this week’s finale with some big, though not huge or impossible expectations. While it was fun to see the kids in New York and to see Finn and Rachel’s relationship inch ahead sweetly, I was disappointed. Will’s Broadway dreams plotline was never convincing. What else was there? The music was okay, but they’ve done better like in the Original Song episode.

When Will checked into the Intercontinental and the desk clerk cited the entire name of the hotel, I thought “product placement”. Also, they wouldn’t stay there $659 plus tax a night (figure $700). There are cheaper options. It might have been fun to have them stay in a dive. Especially since it’s television and no one actually has to stay in the dive.

This year there may not have been as much that needed to happen right now. Last year, they had Quinn’s pregnancy, a huge thing for a teen, and her mother who kicked her out suddenly shows up. Rachel and her mother adopting Quinn’s baby, Finn announcing that he loved Rachel and the disbanding of the club if they lost made the competition make it or break it. Everything was at stake, whereas this year little was. Sue wasn’t even in the episode!

The tepid plot could have been warmed up somehow. There are loads of people I’d like to see but we never have — bring on Rachel’s two dad’s. They would be there. I’ve willingly suspended my disbelief that they don’t hover, but really let’s see them in season 3. There’s a potential gold mine.

I actually predicted they wouldn’t win this year and wish the writers would have dashed that expectation. Have them win now and lose next year. Winning comes with a load of possible problems down the road. Yet the group didn’t practice much, which I just didn’t buy, nor did I buy that Will would not have prepared them more.

We’ve all been to New York as TV viewers so that’s not enough for us. We need a strong story.


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