Law & Order: UK

Similar yet, different, Law & Order: UK offers the famed series’ fans justice and drama in the same format with British counterparts of the original. There is the crusty veteran cop and his slick partner, who’re supervised by a streetwise, pragmatic woman. Once they’ve gathered the evidence the barristers take over. Yes, one’s a straight as an arrow middle aged man and the other is his counterpoint in year one it’s a young Black woman. They report to a seasoned supervisor, who needs a lot of convincing because he’s seen it all before.

Although I’d seen these plots done beat for beat in the original the acting was good and there were enough little differences like the funny wigs the Brits still have to wear to keep me entertained.

How much money does Dick Wolf need? From doing a YouTube search, I see there’s a Law & Order France and Russia. Can’t wait till the Russian one gets to DVD.