Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore does it again. He made a documentary that shakes things up and makes us consider his thesis on Capitalism. As usual, he uses satire to wake us up. He is mad as hell and doesn’t want to take it any more vis-a-vis how American capitalism has infiltrated politics and tamed our democracy so except for a few daring representatives, many politicians have sold out to the likes of Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

I was shocked to see many parts of this movie including a sequence on a county that privatized the juvenile justice system, two judges were paid off and they shuttled kids into their crony’s detention center. A more encouraging sequence showed a group of neighbors in Miami help a family return to the home they’d been evicted from through passive resistance.There’s a lot to ruminate over in this film, which dissects how messages are manipulated to get us to buy into a system that encourages debt in an economy built on stagnant wages. (The Financial Times had a good article on how debt is used to make sure the natives don’t get to restless. I think the article came out in August.)