To Be and To Have

Talk about boring. I really can’t remember doing anything this boring. The movie is two hours and x minutes long and I could only watch 15 minutes at a time. To Be and To Have, the English title for the French documentary Etre et Avoir, looks at a one room elementary class in a rural school. It follows the handful of students from age 4 to 12 more or less and their teacher.

We see them go to school, have their lessons, do their homework and get advice from their teacher. The teacher seemed nice and average, very at home in his little kingdom where he had no principal or colleagues who asked much of him. The kids seemed to learn and everything proceeds smoothly. A few of the children like Jo Jo, who’s pictured here, were engaging. The teacher wasn’t particularly.

An example of why conflict is needed in any movie. I kept hoping something interesting would happen but after an hour, nothing had. I guess if you’ve never spent time with children, you might find this interesting. I didn’t. Ho hum.


One thought on “To Be and To Have

  1. I watched 10 minutes more to get this out of my online queue. Believe it or not the teacher gets more banal and even clueless. He’s kine of obsessed with JoJo. He’s got all his charges waiting in some room on a field trip to a middle school. He’s asking JoJo about math and the boy answers. Then JoJo announces that another kid’s been hurt and is crying. The teacher still keeps his eyes on JoJo asking whether the student can count past a billion. What? Check out what’s happening to the kid who’s hurt.

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