In the Loop

I’m so glad Bridget suggested we seeIn the Loop, a British satire based on the hypothetical (wink, wink, nod, nod) premise that through deceit, ineptitude, stupidity and egotistical ambition the Brits were pulled into a war in the Middle East with (or by) their friends across the Atlantic. It’s an incredibly funny film with loads of profanity, probably the most inventive swearing I’ve ever heard. The dialog is brilliant and I’m sure I didn’t get all the jokes which come at you a mile a minute. The characters reveal all the many faces of how to protect a fragile career in politics, which they probably should just let tank to salvage any scintilla of dignity, sanity or ethics.

Simon Foster is the British Minister of International Development and more or less living proof that the Peter Principle is alive and well. In a radio interview he states that he believes a war in the Middle East is “unforeseeable,” which is exactly what the Prime Minister’s Pit Bull, Malcolm Tucker, did not want said. He then goes on to a meeting that the new junior communications officer set up. He’s only supposed to sit there, but no one tells him he’s only filler in the room. Of course, he says something and of course, it makes things worse.

To salvage the situation a Washington fact finding trip is planned, but that just leads to more trouble and comedy as we see how the Americans can botch and twist things up just as well as the Brits. The more Tucker and Foster try to fix the situation the more political disaster and belligerent tongue lashings ensue.

The movie contains so many hilarious lines that you have to hear in context. Something like “difficult, difficult lemony difficult” needs context to be appreciated. I loved that women like Foster’s advisor stood up to Tucker when he verbally attacked them while still maintaining intelligence and poise no less. The whole cast is strong including the junior staffers. If there was an award for the lamest excuse to give your girlfriend to explain an infidelity, it’s in this film and it’s hysterical.