7 Films, 7 Weeks

Act One friend, Christopher Boghosian has embarked on a creative challenge to make 7 short films in 7 weeks. His first film is here 7 Films, 7 Weeks.

There is a method to his madness. Christopher has written the Greek words that personify traits like dread, fear, love, strength. This week’s film is on Deimos, which means dread or fear. It captures a gnawing fear most creative types have.

Less than cable but still . . .

Netflix, my main supplier of entertainment, is doubling their prices September 1. Currently, I get one DVD at a time and all the streaming I want for $7.99. What a deal. In a few weeks to get the same service I’ll have to pay $15.98. It’s not that much more money, but it is double the current price so the proportion shocks me. (Is there an English word with a negative connotation that means to slightly shock? I need one here.)

I probably watch 5-6 DVDs a month and stream 30 minutes of video a day.

I can understand Netflix’s need to raise prices, but question the choice to double them. If I ran Netflix, I’d probably offer $7.99 for either the DVD or streaming option as they will do, but then charge $11.98 for the combined option.

I do now feel like the drug user who’s coaxed into an addiction by cheap high and now that I’m hooked, made to pay a higher price.

But I’m not that hooked. I do have hulu.com, which I haven’t watched much and in the fall there will be more viewing options. And I’ve got a reading list that keeps getting longer, so this change won’t be that painful. It’s more annoying than anything else.

great customer service though

Kudos to Netflix for their customer service. I ordered a film that’s not immediately available and they sent my second choice out right away and are going to send the first film from another location.