Less than cable but still . . .

Netflix, my main supplier of entertainment, is doubling their prices September 1. Currently, I get one DVD at a time and all the streaming I want for $7.99. What a deal. In a few weeks to get the same service I’ll have to pay $15.98. It’s not that much more money, but it is double the current price so the proportion shocks me. (Is there an English word with a negative connotation that means to slightly shock? I need one here.)

I probably watch 5-6 DVDs a month and stream 30 minutes of video a day.

I can understand Netflix’s need to raise prices, but question the choice to double them. If I ran Netflix, I’d probably offer $7.99 for either the DVD or streaming option as they will do, but then charge $11.98 for the combined option.

I do now feel like the drug user who’s coaxed into an addiction by cheap high and now that I’m hooked, made to pay a higher price.

But I’m not that hooked. I do have hulu.com, which I haven’t watched much and in the fall there will be more viewing options. And I’ve got a reading list that keeps getting longer, so this change won’t be that painful. It’s more annoying than anything else.

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