Glee Project: My Two Cents for the Week

Spoiler Alert – for July 17th episode


Matheus standing on right

While I’ve been ambivalent about Matheus staying on, I am sorry to see him go. I do think he’d have made a good guest on Glee. But someone had to go, and while I wouldn’t have minded losing Alex, who has been a diva. I don’t see a seven episode storyline for him. I’m glad Cameron’s on. His personality gets more interesting as time goes by.

Now for the others. I really hope I don’t see Damien and Cameron in the bottom three next week. Though Lindsay’s a good performer, storywise, I have no idea what she brings to the show. She could be a Rachel-clone, but that’s rather too campy and it adds no dimension or conflict to the program. Good singers are going to have to be eliminated soon.

I can see Sam or Hannah on Glee.

P.S. What’s interesting about The Glee Project is that I find I’m more attached to some of these performers than I am to some of the characters on Glee. I do hope this project is repeated in 2012. I love seeing the new talent that’s out there.


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