Long Day’s Journey into Night

Well, the film’s certainly long, I’ll give you that. It’s almost 3 hours long. I really thought the cast with Kathryn Hepburn and Jason Robards and director Sidney Lumet the film would be good. Yet, I also expected it would last 2 hours.

We read the play last year for my book club and I’m finally getting the film on Netflix. So I popped it in hoping for the best.

Reading a play and watching it is very different, obviously. This film seemed dated to me in many ways. This dysfunctional family unravels during the course of a day. The father is a cheapskate, has-been actor, the mother we learn slowly is a “dope-fiend,” the oldest son is a slacker/alcoholic and the youngest son gets diagnosed with consumption. Throughout the play, the characters rant, fight and ramble on about their dreams and fantastic memories of the past. If it weren’t so repetitive, I’d have been more engaged.

Another problem I had with enjoying this drama, was how attitudes towards mental illness and addiction have changed. I felt I knew what they should do and that since such methods weren’t practiced in the era, it just wasn’t gonna happen.