The Comeback

Lisa Kudrow has done such good work since Friends. The current Web Therapy and the one season gem The Comeback prove my point. As I was going through withdrawal as I don’t have Show Time and there are no new Web Therapy episodes on YouTube, I got Kudrow’s The Comeback.

I’d seen an episode or two before, but now have seen the first four episodes of this comedy that shows the raw footage of a reality series about sitcom star Valerie Cherish as she stages a comeback on a new series, Room and Bored. Valerie tries to hide the disappointments, indignities and problems that come her way like the chocolates Lucile Ball had to handle careening towards her in this famed scene:

But one of the best parts of the show is that we can see Valerie’s trying. Her poker face isn’t that good.

Yes, Valerie is vain and not the brightest bulb, but you do admire her for putting on a brave front when surrounded by frat boy co-stars and rude, clueless writers. That’s what makes this work – everyone’s terribly flawed and the show has such wit. Add it to your Netflix queue.