The Glee Project: Sexuality


This week’s challenge involved the theme Sexuality and resulted in a great music video with the six remaining contestants performing “Teenage Dream.”

The pairings were interesting: Sam and Alex, Hannah and Cameron, and Lindsay and Damien. While a few of them were troubled with the theme of sexuality, which made the episode interesting to watch.

I figured that Hannah and Lindsay would be rather safe. They can’t just have one girl and four boys left at this stage. Both were good, but everyone was good last night.

Sam was saved too, though I don’t think his performance was all that nuanced. So the three who had to sing to stay were Alex, Damien and Cameron, who were assigned to sing “I will Survive,” “Danny Boy,” and “Blackbird” respectively. I still see Alex as one-dimensional. I’m sure the writers could put together a good character for him, but I don’t see the depth in him. He hasn’t shared much that’s personal as the others have. He alludes to his life and family, but I don’t have much of a picture and considering that he’s been in the bottom three several weeks in a row, I feel I should know him much better.

Damien’s performance seemed good to me, but “Danny Boy” usually gets to me like “Amazing Grace” does. So that bias was in play. I’m finding Damien more and more likable. In his recording, he did well, better than say Lindsay or Damien.


Cameron took the spotlight as he struggled the most with this week’s challenge. Hannah also struggled and that was interesting, but Cameron’s struggle with kissing a girl he’s not dating, was unique and real. Executive Producer Ryan Murphy brought this up and the result was a very heartfelt exchange about Cameron’s faith and Murphy’s respect of it and his desire to write for a character who holds these kinds of beliefs. Cameron admitted that he’s been unable to sleep due to this dilemma. He didn’t think it would be right for him to stay and send home someone who didn’t have these kinds of qualms. It was a first, a rarity in reality TV, a popular contestant dropping out.

I thought Murphy would let Cameron go when he voiced a desire to quit, but that also raised some issues and heightened the producers’ interest in him. In fact, Murphy took the unusual step of going back to the dressing rooms to talk to Cameron candidly and actually encourage him to stay. This was something as Murphy hasn’t been all that impressed with Cameron.

I will say Cameron’s Blackbird was my favorite performance. Just perfect, I thought as the song showed some of the vulnerability, heart and talent, that makes Cameron popular. In the end he decided to quit believing that he was lucky to come this far and that another door would open. I’m sure it will. I can say most of these kids could record and sell a good number of CDs right now.

Murphy had thought that Cameron could have made it till the end, which confirms my hunch. I do wish he stayed. A bit of maturity and I think he’d find a way to deal with these situations. I think Hannah and Sam with Damien as a third place contender have the best chances.

Next week’s theme is True Colors.