Dear CBS,

Why aren’t you showing The Good Wife this summer? I’d gladly watch reruns. I’d watch it on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.

It’s the only show I watch on your network. The rest of your programming looks so cookie cutter.

Isn’t attracting viewers part of your mission?



Of Gods and Men

The Award-winning Of Gods and Men is powerful. I won’t soon forget this film based on a true story. Set in Algeria, the film depicts a small Trappist monastery in an area plagued by Islamic terrorists who slowly encroach on the monks’ quiet life.

Much of the film revolves around the question of whether the monks should leave. Should they go back to France? To another monastery in a safer place? The film focuses on the monks’ life and place in the community where they humbly and respectfully provide medical services and companionship to their neighbors.

A very compelling film. A must-see.