The Glee Project: Astonished

*Spoiler Alert*

I was astonished by this week’s decision on The Glee Project. This week’s theme was believability. The video and homework song were about unrequited love. The bottom three were Hannah, Lindsay and Sam. Since Cameron left Hannah was my favorite. I really love her spirit and humor and think she’d make a wonderful addition to the program in the form of a down to earth, vulnerable girl. Lindsay stumbled this week when singing. She followed Alex who had this emotional break down and it seemed that she mimicked emotions to gain recognition. Sam is the consummate cool guy and would be a good addition to the cast if you could also choose a couple more of these stellar Glee Project contenders. I just didn’t buy it when he mentioned his Christian heritage. It seemed so convenient since Ryan would like to feature a Christian character and Cameron’s gone. Sam has only spoken of Christianity as his mother’s faith it seems he has distanced himself from it, but now that it could get him on Glee it’s something he’ll expound on. I doubt he’d have mentioned it in the same detail if Cameron were still there or if he had performed better in his Last Chance Performance.

The decision to eliminate Hannah shocked me. She’s got an “it” factor. Lindsay has become more appealing, but I still see her as false. Sam lost favor with me as well. Would he say anything to win? Is that true of most of the others? Ironically, Hannah landed in the bottom three because she really was pining for someone and that effected her performance. Yet her previous tenacity and vulnerability throughout this challenge has shown that she’s got staying power and can grow. I could see her as the Christian character if that’s what Ryan Murphy wrote.


How’s that for a title? It’s a Greek word that means decay. It’s the title of the fifth film my friend Christopher’s made in his 7 films in 7 weeks series.