One Tree Hill, Season 4 Finale

The original intertitle (Seasons 1-4) focuses ...

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Well, when I was in New Mexico, I thought I watched the last disk of One Tree Hill‘s season 4, but I found the 6th disk when I got home. So what I reviewed before was not the finale. So, yes, the series did tie up plenty of the loose ends as the characters finished high school.

  • Dan actually turned himself in for the murder of his brother Keith and attempted suicide.
  • Karen had a girl, and Haley had a boy. Karen’s delivery was touch and go, but after a
  • Brooke confessed to cheating in calculus and got off scott-free. That whole line was odd as calculus isn’t a required class and it was never clear why a so so student like Brooke would take it. That’s one of the problems with One Tree Hill sometimes the plot is so far fetched.
  • Rachel returned and threw a party allowing her guests to spray paint throughout her livingroom because we assume her parents have sold the house. Right like that would happen. Is she so indifferent to her home? Even with the idea that her parents are uncaring and checked out, you’d expect she’d care about the house a little or that someone would question it. Nope.
  • Nathan lost his scholarship and tried to get some college to let him play basketball. No luck. Then the retiring coach, Whitey took a job coaching a hopeless team at a so so college. He took it and brought Nathan on to the team and so he’ll go to college. Also, Lucas will work as assistant coach for Whitey.
The last two episodes just seemed a bit bland and overly nostalgic. I felt nothing new and exciting happened and the revelations for the future were ho hum, unlike the usual end for One Tree Hill. Still there’s something infectious about this program. Despite the flaws, there’s enough that I like so I’ll soon begin watching season 5.