Glee, Season 3 Premiere


Image by Nickster 2000 via Flickr

I’d read some press on Glee‘s third season. They’d hired new writers and were determined to make a really good third season especially since many of the main characters are in their crucial senior year.

So I was looking forward to Glee, which I recently watched on Hulu. The opener, The Purple Piano Poject was entertaining, but didn’t hit any high notes. I think it tried to do to much and maybe the writers wanted to get their ducks in a row for the year. Blaine had to transfer to McKinley to keep the relationship with Kurt interesting. I really didn’t buy that. He must have parents and moving from an elite school to the so so McKinley High would take some convincing. No parents I’ve met would think maintaining a high school romance with someone who does live in your town would suffice. Nor would the argument that we want to sing together.

I did like the “It’s Not Unusual” number and the medley with “Anything Goes” featuring Lindsay from The Glee Project. Lindsay was a great surprise, but I think they underutilized her.

Quinn has crossed over to the dark side, to the kids who smoke under the football bleachers. I didn’t quite buy that.

There was a creative subplot with Will having to reject a talentless girl from the Glee Club. He needs to learn that sometimes it’s cruel to be kind.

All in all, I hoped for more. It wasn’t a bad show, but it was certainly not their best. Last year, they started better with the addition of “the Beast” and Sam.