Tokyo Twilight

I was in the mood for something from Japan since I’m working on a script about Japan. I remembered liking Tokyo Story so I thought I’d try something else Ozu directed, thus I clicked on Tokyo Twilight and added it to my Netflix queue.

Many of the actors from Tokyo Story are in Tokyo Twilight so it was a lot like visiting old friends. The mood again is somber as Ozu looks at the broken ties between a father, his daughters and the wife who left (or was thrown out) when the youngest daughter Akiko was 3. Akiko is now grown and in shorthand school. She’s hiding a broken heart and a pregnancy. She tries to find her elusive boyfriend, to borrow money from her relatives for an abortion, and to hide what’s going on from her kind father. She clearly fears his reaction to her situation, even though he seems like a gentle and probably forgiving man.

I loved the black and white photography of Tokyo, the homes and the mahjong parlor. The emotions run strong and the characters all hold them in as much as they can. The characters in this 1957 drama are a world away from Juno. Both are well worth watching.

I added two more Ozu’s to my queue, but am tempted to buy the 5 DVD set for $39 on Amazon.

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