American Splendor, from my archives

American Splendor is the film version of the autobiographical comics Harvey Pekar. I had read an anthology of American Splendor comics about a year ago and enjoyed the bleak Rust Belt take on life.

The film stays very true to the book yet the detail one gets of say Pekar’s pig sty of an apartment really strike the viewer. How did Joyce look past that filth and decide on their first date that she should marry this self-proclaimed gloomy guy with so much debris in his living room? I don’t think I’ll ever understand that.

I did wish there were some scenes about parts of Harvey’s life that I hadn’t read about. Evidently he included everything (he wants us to know) in the comics.

The film includes scenes with Pekar, his family and friends in which they answer questions about the comics and their impact on their lives. That was interesting and done well.

All in all, it is an original movie that intrigued me despite never creating a feeling of “I’d like to be that character.” It ain’t cheerful, but it’s witty and different.

Glee: Pot o’ Gold

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Damien of The Glee Project made his debut in the Glee episode, Pot o’Gold. I just feel sad for the whole cast. They deserve a better story and better music. I was underwhelmed.

As expected Damien plays an Irish exchange student, but his character fell short of what I think he can do. heavy duty stereotypes prevailed. Don’t get me wrong Glee can pull off stereotypes, but the Lucky Charms and the “It’s Not Easy Being Green” solo fell flat because the story was weak.

Now we have Burt Hummel running against Sue for senate. When she launched her campaign, I assumed it was for state senate, which is plausible and potentially funny. Nope seems they’re running for U.S. senate. No way in hell either would have that kind of financial backing.

Mind you the writers are drawing out the school president campaign I guess they’re feeling dry this season and don’t want to shoot their wad. Not a good sign.

As for Quinn and her quest to get her baby back, I can buy the remorse, but when she told Puck she has nothing going for herself and she needs her baby Beth to feel successful, I cringed. We’re supposed to believe a clearly upper middle class, intelligent Midwestern high school girl doesn’t have her eyes set on college as a new beginning? In Ohio there are some good schools, Miami, Univ. of Ohio, etc. I’m sure her parents went to college and expect the same for her.

I really don’t remember any of the songs other than “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and a Katy Perry song that sounded not as good as Teenage Dream.

I so want this show to get back on track.