Dear Alicia,

Blue Ribbon Panel

As the Daily Show often does, I’m adding a new feature – from time to time, when I feel the urge to do son I’m writing a letter to a favorite character, actor, commentor, what have you. I’m starting with The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick.

Dear Alicia,

Give up that Highland Park house idea at once.

I cringed when you wrote to the owner basically appealing to her heart to let you have the house at a lower price.  We both know the one thing you’re not is stupid. We also should both know that $1.9 million is ridiculously overpriced for Highland Park and that in this economy your bonus and raise were not that big.

Besides going back is rarely a good idea. Your kids are getting a much more interesting education and life experience in the city than they would on the North Shore. It’s not like moving back would keep them out of trouble. We both know of that social ills abound in Highland Park.

Remember that all your friends back there were snobs. Not all people in HP are, but we haven’t seen one kind old friend in three years. You weren’t good at choosing friends back there.

Also do you need a two hour commute each way from home to the office?

If you’re dead set on HP because your kids are nostalgic for it, take a look at some real estate listings. You can get a good house for half that!

Also, while I enjoyed The Blue Ribbon Panel episode this week, tell your writers that there are no express trains after about 7pm on the Red Line/Purple Line.

Let Jackie do whatever she wants with her money. It’s a free world, but get this emotional tie to the past under control.  It doesn’t suit you.