Done: 100+ Pages in a Month

I finished the 100 pages for Script Frenzy 2012. Yep, 100 pages done.

It got me to find time for writing. But as I always say frenzy is the key word.

I’ll be the first to say that it’s a very rough piece.

As of today, 16,147 writers have written 244002 pages.

Dear New Directions

Hi Glee,

I’m in the midst of watching your Big Brother episode and ugh, it’s actually painfully flat footed. The brother dynamic is so cliched. Blaine’s above this and the other kids wouldn’t all take his brother’s teaching hook, line and sinker. Groups don’t work that way. High school students are known for skepticism. There’s always a few skeptics in a group.

Blaine’s brother is just way too one dimensional and the plot line was predictable. He definitely seemed like he was from a different socio economic group and thus from a different family.

The Don’t Text message is preachy, so preachy. Make a poster or as Sam Goldwin would say, “If you want to send a message, use Western Union.” I’d add that twitter is perfect too.

I don’t buy the graciousness or the quick recovery Quinn’s experiencing. At all. Even though she’s in denial and that’s clearly shown, wouldn’t she have a longer hospital stay? She returns to school awfully soon.

I did like Artie and Quinn’s senior ditch day as that was original and cool. The plot twist with Sue having a baby who’s got a disability is interesting and will be.

While I do think a couple like Rachel and Finn would overlook their differences, their timing of their conflict over where to move after graduation, again seems so forced.

Can you just get the writers to dispose of all the contrivances? Yes, I know the show is supposed to be over the top, but there’s a fine line and you’ve crossed the credibility line for me.

I hope so.