Created by Gilmore GirlsAmy Sherman-Pallidino, Bunheads chronicles the story of Michelle, a Vegas dancer whose life is at a dead end. Acutely aware of her limited choices, Michelle marries a bland businessman who’s always been kind to her. This safe choice brings her to Paradise, California, a sleepy town on the coast.

Once she gets to town, reality sets in. Her new husband lives with his imperious mother in a house filled with kitsch. This mother-in-law, like most of the small town neighbors, is far from welcoming. Michelle will have to work hard to win them over. Fortunately, her husband, bland though he may be, has her back and stands up for him. He realizes she doesn’t love him and hopes in time she will. Quite a novel premise.

Both Michelle and Fanny, her new mother-in-law, have experienced thwarted dreams of professional dancing careers. Fanny gave up her dance career when she got pregnant and opened the ballet school she now runs to support her family when her husband died. Michelle’s temporary hiatus from the New York dance world has gone on and on since Vegas paid more and till recently that life appealed to her.

Bunheads offers the wit and conflict we’d expect from Sherman-Pallindino and while I’m not as smitten as I was with her Gilmore Girls, I think this series has potential. The pilot is available on Hulu.com. Let’s see how this plays out.

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