Bunheads, Episode 2

I’m rooting for Bunheads, just because I like Michelle, the main character, a showgirl looking for a new start, and I like disliking the uptight mother-in-law Fanny, who like Emily Gilmore does have her redeeming qualities. Yet the show’s still finding a way to entertain, while clearing out the cobwebs of a complicated, weighty premise, i.e. mild-mannered, somewhat dull good buy convinces a talented dancer, whose life’s detour became a rut, to marry him.

I keep thinking it would have been so much better to have Michelle and Hubble together for a season before killing him off. Instead the creators chose to kill off Hubbell in episode one, which means they need to invent some complicated reasons for Michelle to stay in a town that probably can’t support two dance teachers.

This week’s episode revolved around Fanny hiding her grief in the process of planning an elaborate memorial with Tibetan monks, a sitar player and a massive tent. The jokes in this vein soon wore thin. The other story line showed Michelle listlessly dealing with her “now what?” predicament.

The characters appeal, but the plot is too contrived at this point. Still I’m a sucker for wit and charm. I miss The Gilmore Girls so I’ll stick around and see how Michelle gets on in Paradise, California.