Political Animals

I heard a review of USA Network‘s new Political Animals and thought it would be worth watching. Sigourney Weaver plays a former first lady who runs for president and loses in the primary. The new president then appoints her Secretary of State. I like The West Wing and that short lived show on ABC with Gina Davis as the first female president.

Political Animals was unwatchable, low farce. Obviously, Weaver’s playing Hillary Clinton and the philandering husband is supposed to be Bill, a dumbed down version of Bill. The jokes failed and when one of the Secretary of State’s assistants, who might have been her son, said something stupid in a meeting, Weaver hit him over the head repeatedly with a newspaper, I thought I don’t need the 2012 version of Punch and Judy. I don’t think Hillary or anyone would do this. In the 10 minutes or so that I watched, the acting was way over done. Life’s too short.

To get an idea of how bad this program is, bear in mind I’m willing to sit through Bunheads hoping for quality.