Woody Allen’s Life and Death

I have it on good authority that Woody Allen‘s To Rome with Love isn’t worth seeing. I’m watching Luther a lot and need some comedy. I figured some old time Allen would fit the bill. It did. This movie was pure fun in a way we don’t see any more.

Set in Russia, when Napolean is invading. Love and Death is smart, broad comedy with lots of jokes especially for the bookish. Allen plays a nebbish and Diane Keaton is great as his hard to attain love. It’s silly and smart, a good way to pass the time and lift your mood. It made me want to watch more of Keaton’s early films. Maybe I’ll rewatch Annie Hall.

For a taste of the humor here’s a monologue:

[last lines]
Boris: The question is: have I learned anything about life? Only that… only that human beings are divided into mind and body. The mind embraces all the nobler aspirations, like poetry and philosophy, but the body has all the fun. The important thing, I think, is not to be bitter. You know, if it turns out that there IS a God, I don’t think that He’s evil. I think that the worst you can say about Him is that, basically, He’s an underachiever. After all, you know, there are worse things in life than death. I mean, if you’ve ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman, you know exactly what I mean. The key here, I think, is to… to not think of death as an end, but think of it more as a very effective way of cutting down on your expenses. Regarding love, heh, you know, what can you say? It’s not the quantity of your sexual relations that count. It’s the quality. On the other hand, if the quantity drops below once every eight months, I would definitely look into it. Well, that’s about it for me folks. Goodbye.


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