The Good Wife, Season 4

I’ve watched the premier and second episode of The Good Wife‘s fourth season.  Several new characters have climbed on board. Nathan Lane‘s playing a stick in the mud trustee who’s charged with getting the firm on higher financial ground. Kristen Chenoweth appeared in the first episode as a journalist who’s honing in on Peter’s election bid and will be tough with Alicia. Does she stand by her husband? Well, they why don’t they live together? Isn’t she sending a bad message to modern women? Alicia handled it well, but we can expect trouble down the road.
Speaking of roads, my favorite story line involved Zach who got pulled over by a zealous cop. There was no real cause and soon the cop asserts that he’s found traces of pot. Baloney. Zach stepped up to this jerk and with his tech savvy helped find the evidence his mother needed when they went to this small town court.

I wasn’t keen on Kalinda’s dodgy husband or the S & M aspect of their relationship. Does the envelope need to be pushed in this way? It’s a turn off for me and I just endured these unsavory scenes.  I hope this storyline fades out soon, but I doubt it will. Lord help us.

I know I’ve seen worse on say Luther or Prime Suspect, but I find the Brits can do things with more class and spare us some of the gory details. Listen CBS, please.

We haven’t seen much of Eli, and I hope that changes fast.


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