the good wife: kalinda’s storyline

In season 4 of The Good Wife, we’ve been introduced to Kalinda’s husband. He’s a seedy, violent character just out of jail. He wants Kalinda back because he likes control. She’s playing him and it’s quite weird. She’s troubled by him but yet doesn’t take any definite steps to keep him away legally. It’s a very weird game she’s playing and ultra-creepy as CBS has ventured into a very suggestive S & M vibe.

I really don’t like this story like and would be delighted if it stopped. But the writers seem to think this is good for the show and I don’t know how they’d get out. Yet they are professionals and some of the best on American TV, so if you’re reading this Good Wife Writers, please cut this storyline short.

By all means, don’t go the obvious route of having Kalinda murder him and then having the firm come to her aid. A season of that will get me to change the channel.
On another note, I did enjoy the non-Kalinda plot with the case against a Google-ish search engine that manipulated the search results to hurt a voice recognition software product. Very cutting edge.

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