Five Days


While not as compelling as MI-5 (a.k.a. Spooks) or Sherlock, Five Days is a solid detective program from the BBC. The series looks at a crime and all the concerned parties, police, suspects, victims and guilty party, on five different days: the day of the crime, the following day, a week later, a month after that and 108 days after the crime. It’s an original premise and works.

I viewed season 2, not realizing it was season 2. The season was self-contained so there was no problem knowing what’s what. The central crime involved a person in a burqa who jumps in front of a train. Why? Who is this? Is there any connection to a baby who’s abandoned at a hospital the same day? There are several plot lines going at once, but their kept clear so viewers don’t get confused. It’s easy to get caught up in the search for the truth about the train accident/possible murder, the detective’s relationship with her mother who’s got dementia, the abandon baby’s future and the Muslim couple’s quest for a baby. There’s a lot going on, but the pacing and plots are handled well making for a series that works. I will go back and watch the first series.

I could easily become a long time fan if they make more.