The Swell Season

theSwell SeasonAnother documentary.

Swell Season takes a look at Glen Hansard and Markėta Irglová the actors/musicians from the film Once as they tour.

The black and white documentary is simple, yet powerful; quiet, yet engaging just like its subjects. Both Hansard and Irglová seem so candid, smart and real.

We learn about their relationship, its history and get a glimpse of why it didn’t work, though most everyone watching would wish it did.

We learn about how they deal with fame and how it hits them. Fame’s not what either of them bargained for, or expected. Neither of them love the limelight or hate it, but they let us see what they think of  how people behave towards them and how they question those responses while always trying to be kind and respectful.

Much of the film focuses on Hansard’s parents and his mother’s pride at Hansard’s success. While his father doesn’t appear much, he make an important imprint. I found it fascinating that Hansard so admired his father for keeping secrets, or not sharing much with his family.

Fans of Once will appreciate The Swell Season and the opportunity to see Hansard and Irglová together again.