Dear Subscribers,

Sorry for the slew of spammed postings you were notified of. Someone hacked into my account.

Ahh, why do people do that?

I’ve changed my password so that should be the end of it.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

cccI’ve just discovered Jerry Seinfeld‘s 2012 web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is simple. Jerry introduces a stunning car, perhaps a 1960 Rolls Royce or a rusty old VW truck. As the camera shows every detail Jerry describes the fine points of the week’s vehicle. Then he calls a comedic legend and picks him (so far there’s only been one woman, Sarah Silverman) up and they go for coffee (or breakfast or tea). All along the way they crack wise about life and examine what makes great comedy work. Often you’ll hear

So far I’ve seen the webisodes with Michael Richards, Larry David, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. The short (17 minutes or so) episodes feature sleek cinematography, elegance and a relaxing, friendly vibe. But if you watch too many, and I’ve decided my limit is two, and the smooth jazz and elegance gets wearing. I mean who’s life is that smooth and easy. So limit yourself.

The 2013 season has just begun with Sarah Silverman.

Librarian Interview

Remember Monty Python? For my summer Library Science course. Evidently, there will be some fun along with the staggering workload.