VEEP, Season 2 – Finale


I finished watching season 2 of VEEP, starring Julia Louis Dreyfes as a frantic Vice President. Created by Armando Iannucci of In the Thick of It fame, this season’s fast-paced wit and craziness equaled season 1. Gary Cole appeared regularly as an officious data-addict, who vexes Selina, the VEEP and her staff. Occasionally, Selina’s ex-husband was on hand to unnerve the staff as they’d like to see this unpredictable schemer as little as possible.

While I enjoyed this season, VEEP isn’t the same caliber as In the Thick of It. The dialogue is great, but they don’t have the creative swearing that you’d find in the British show. Round and round, the characters scheme, mainly to advance their careers rather than to attain any goal for public good. That’s not the problem. I’m not sure what’s missing, but my best guess is that there’s not enough story. None of the people rise or fall. Also, I don’t think Iannucci offers an original critique of American politics the way he does for the UK. That’s essential for satire. He lampoons politicians, but the episodes don’t say anything crucial about politics.

Nonetheless, Julia Louis-Dreyfess is my choice for Best Actress in a Comedy for the 2013 Emmys. For 2014, I hope the show has more meat for her entire cast.

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