Sleepwalk with Me


I’ve had this DVD for a while and just haven’t gotten around to watching it. It looked quirky and it is, but Sleepwalk with Me, a story of struggling, neurotic, sleepwalking comic just missed the mark. I liked the hero, Mike Birbilgia,  fairly well, but there wasn’t enough story here. While it’s new to watch a comedian who’s got a real sleep disorder and the cast was strong, the story was weak. It’s like having great milk and sugar, but really bad coffee. What is the point?

Birbilgia not only sleepwalks, he sleepshowers, sleepjumps, sleepwhatevers. He’s in a relationship with a lovely woman, who should leave him because he won’t commit, but she sticks around for years waiting and hoping. He isn’t a bad guy, just one with Peter Pan syndrome. The whole “I’m not sure about commitment” syndrome seems passe or should be. Making another movie about it is just another walk down a well-worn path. I do hope we move beyond this hesitancy as a society.