Lots of Reviews to Post, but . . .

I’m back in China and happy to be in a climate where spring seems right around the corner.

Yet my VPN service no longer works in China. It’s a shame since I’ve got lots to write and photos to share, but I can only post via email and that doesn’t always work. I’m too much of a zombie due to jet lag to really grapple with a technology problem such as this. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get service at a cafe with their wifi.

I had read news stories indicating that many VPN services were cut off in China. I’d hoped that the problem was temporary. Boy, am I glad I decided not to take an online class. I’m sure I’d miss the live classes and couldn’t access the library.

It’s such a vexing problem since online connections have become an important part of expat life. I wanted to review Broadchurch, the Downton Abbey finale, and a couple films.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I can get the VPN to work.