Is This Worth It?

Is this worth it?

That’s my question about my online writing class. It cost over $500 and is given by UCLA, but the teacher does so little. The content of the class is sparse and last week she just told us to review week 2.

Well, have us review weeks 2 and read or watch a new lecture.

The teacher pretty much ignores the discussion board and hasn’t given any discussion questions. We’re just to comment on each other’s homework. Ok, but shouldn’t there be more? Shouldn’t we be able to discuss techniques and current shows? What’s effective? What’s become passé?

It hasn’t helped that the only shows we’ve had as models are two very dark shows, i.e. Breaking Bad and Dexter and The Good Wife, which I used to like, but it got ruined by becoming “edgier” in my opinion. None of these shows are in the historical drama genre.

I’m entertaining the idea of just quitting the class and seeing that as more of a liberating feeling rather than a failure. The teacher’s feedback is so general and while some comments have value, most don’t as I don’t want to conform to the current shows she seems to like.

I’ve just got two weeks left of my vacation and I have already finished the second draft of this story so it’s not like I need to have help finishing my script. I do have some research I’d like to work on.