On Atheism

I’d never considered the problem of Atheism in these terms. It’s interesting.

2 thoughts on “On Atheism

  1. Where this argument falls down is the fact that it ignores society. We obey laws because of society. Those laws are created by people, usually in voting, committees, debate. People who are psychopathic lack empathy and most societies aim to control psychopaths (at least the murderous ones).

  2. I’m sort of what you’d call a nihilistic atheist. I’m pretty sure there is no god, no christ, nothing. And how did that come about – way back when in my Catholic high school – we studied the Bible one year and also learned critical thinking skills. That was their mistake – they told us religion was beyond criticality but I applied it anyhow and saw what religion really was. That was the end for my belief.

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