My Small Land

A gem

In My Small Land, after fleeing their homeland, Sarya and her family have found a new life in Japan. These Kurdish refugees speak Japanese well, go to school and work, have friends and are planning their futures. Sarya, 17, has excelled in school so that she can go to college to become a teacher. She works at a convenient store so she can save money for university.

Her father had protested against the government in their homeland and was imprisoned. They fled to Japan and all was well until Immigration rejected their claim for asylum. Now they can’t leave their town or work. Her father defies the law and soon is arrested. Now what?

As the oldest child, Sarya tries to keep her family afloat, but her financial troubles build and build. My Small Land is a beautiful film about a girl and her family trying to survive despite impossible rules. Sarya’s played by Lina Arashi with strength and innocence.


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