10,000 Marks

My old employer, DDB has an office in China. Last month I showed my students a couple of their commercials. I just discovered this one. It’s thought provoking for this culture, where mothers tend to view their children critically so they have room to improve. DDB wondered whether they could change this behavior with an ad.

It’s gotten 40 million views and counting in China.

I found this moving, but also wondered about making women feel guilty while televised. I suppose if they felt willing to criticize their kids in front of a camera, they perhaps opened themselves up to this, but then again they were following a cultural norm.

What do you think?

Top Notch Service

When I’m in China lots of sites are blocked: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, several news sources, and benign educational sites like Edublog and Engrade. It’s well worth it to get a VPN, virtual personal network, that enables me to fake out the government and the websites so that I can access Netflix, hulu and the aforementioned blogs and social media sites.

But which one? There are several out there. The problem is the free one’s are known to cause viruses and other problems, which I don’t need. My tech savvy, friend Luke recommendedStrong VPN and it’s been a blessing. Their customer service is superb. If you have the least bit of trouble setting up, they’ll talk you through or even do it all via a remote program. Before you know it, you’re good to go. Whenever I’ve had a question and called for assistance the customer service folks have been so polite and considerate. They really seem to care about giving respectful, personal service.

The prices are reasonable and you can earn credits if friends sign up after you refer them.

Before I knew about Strong VPN, I tried another service and they went under. Then the group that bought them out was surly when I asked a question. That would never happen with Strong. They’re good people.

By Susan Kelly

Interesting Vimeo Finds today

This one shows Google’s overreach. I’ve ceased to be a fan since I became a victim of their poor service. If you as me, this monolithic giant only cares about cash, not customers.

Next this video was made by the same person who posted the Google video above. This Vanity Fair article describes this virus in detail.

Sandra Discovered this Gem

A perfect use of YouTube.

William Shakespeare's Sonnet 29, beautifully performed by Matthew Macfadyen… … Read More

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