The Best Things Happen when You’re Dancing

From White Christmas

White Christmas is a tradition for me at Christmas. Here’s one memorable number.

What Happened with the Media?

I didn’t even bother to watch the Election Night results on Fox or another channel because I knew The Daily Wire and Louder with Crowder would have more entertaining, better researched commentary.

Steven can use rather salty language, but it doesn’t bother me (usually/much) but I thought I’d warn you.

I’m curious about how Fox capitulated and called states like Ohio and Arizona early for Biden, the candidate they told us was losing it cognitively and who was dubbed China Joe and swampy. Now they

Possessed (1931): Joan Crawford and The “In” Crowd

We open up on the Acme Paper Box Co., which has a down-and-dirty industry strewn about its edges. If the people flooding out of the factory are any …

Possessed (1931): Joan Crawford and The “In” Crowd


We’re Not Dressing (1934)

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition


Light and entertaining, We’re Not Dressing stars Carole Lombard and Bing Crosby. I can’t improve upon the IMDB storyline so here it is:

Beautiful high society type Doris Worthington is entertaining guests on her yacht in the Pacific when it hits a reef and sinks. She makes her way to an island with the help of singing sailor Stephen Jones. Her friend Edith, Uncle Hubert, and Princes Michael and Alexander make it to the same island but all prove to be useless in the art of survival. The sailor is the only one with the practical knowhow to survive but Doris and the others snub his leadership offer. That is until he starts a clam bake and wafts the fumes in their starving faces. The group gradually gives into his leadership, the only question now is if Doris will give into his charms.

“We’re Not Dressing.” (n.d.). Retrieved from…

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Cell Phones, Telephones & the Ideas of Marshall McLuhan

By Eric Scheske My first cell phone was the Motorola RAZR V3. That was in 2005. I didn’t use it a lot at first, but it made me more accessible to my …

Cell Phones, Telephones & the Ideas of Marshall McLuhan

Three Cheers for Ric Grenell!

Will they heed Grenell or will they stick with their partisan work?

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

Hopefully the reporters will heed his wisdom.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

I’d vote for Grenell for President in 2024.

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The Story Behind Rhapsody in Blue

I loved hearing how Rhapsody in Blue came to be.

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

An entertaining, short explanation of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Guaranteed to delight.

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Watch Jack Brewer

Jack Brewer urges people to see through the Fake News lies like the Charlottesville hoax, and urges people to vote for criminal reform and school choice, by voting for President Trump this Nov. 3.

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

Jack Brewer, RNC

Jack Brewer, Democrat, debunks the Charlottesville Hoax, supports school choice and the First Step Act, etc.

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Le Doulos

A Four Star Noir

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1962 classic noir gangster film Le Doulous blew me away. Beinning simply with ex-con Maurice walking though a squalid neighborhood, it soon delivered its first of several completely surprising murders. Maurice visits his friend Gilbert, who gives him information and offers cash to tide him over with the promise of more. After Maurice asks Gilbert to borrow a gun, he turns the gun on his old friend. It’s the first of several betrayals and murders.

Maurice then grabs Gilbert’s cash and all the jewel’s he’s reworking and was going to fence. Before he’s out of the house, Maurice hears a car drive up and he scrambles to escape and stash the jewels and money. Nuttheccio and Armand, big time gangsters, were to get the jewels from Gilbert and when they see he’s dead. Maurice manages to flee and bury the loot.

Next thing we see is Maurice is at…

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