Americanizing Shelley

I am reading Shaw’s Pygmalion for my online book club and thought I’d be adventurous and get a film adaptation other than My Fair Lady. So I chose Americanizing Shelley. It’s loosely based on Pygmalion and shows the story of a young Indian woman who was betrothed at an early age to a boy. Now she plans to marry him since she finished Home Ec College. He’s been in the U.S. for years and has his sights on another.

I started the DVD and after a couple minutes the stilted dialog and low production values got the best of me. There’s just too much that’s good on TV that this “Let’s make a film!” just doesn’t cut it. Yes, I believe a filmmaker can make a good film on a tight budget, but a good script is essential. Here it’s missing. Unless you’re connected to someone in the production, choose something else.