On Poldark, Season 2, Ep 1

I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on episodes 1 and 2 soon. Till then, here’s some insightful comments.

Episode 1 of season 2, and we start as we mean to go on, with Capt Poldark pulling his head out of the sand just long enough to stick his tongue out at the powers that be. Oh yes, our hero, in trouble once again, decides the way forward is to alternate between pretending it […]

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This update of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories gets it right. This BBC series earns a place along the best of Holmes films. Set in modern times, Holmes has the same genius for deduction with the addition of cutting edge tech savvy. The perfect Everyman, Watson here has just returned from the war in Afghanistan and is drawn to Sherlock’s intelligence, while often annoyed by his new friend’s social inadequacies.

The wit is supreme throughout. The suspenseful plotting is on par with MI-5. Even up to the last minute, the episode’s compelling. Too bad the makers of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows hadn’t learned something from this production.

The trick is writing smart characters that compel, rather than mere kooks who repel.