More on VEEP

I watched the rest of VEEP yesterday. I planned just to watch one episode, but it soon became a marathon.

Such biting satire!

Reasons to love VEEP:

  1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is at her best. She deserved the Emmy.
  2. The dialog moves fast and furious.
  3. There’s something of a cathartic effect of watching people yell at the incompetent. Don’t you wish you could at work?
  4. While the show is heavy on testosterone, so’s the world and the show skewers that inane competition for alpha male position.
  5. Anna Chlumsky is marvelous. One of the best comediennes working today
  6. The show satirizes all politicians, all who scurry around for power. It’s something of an anti-West Wing.


Idris Elba (L) as Luther; Warren Brown (R) as his colleague

Nominated for 4 Emmy awards, the BBC’s Luther beckoned me from Netflix. I’ve just seen the first two episodes from season 1 and am hooked. Luther’s main character is a London detective who’s we see taunting a known pedophile cum murderer. Did John Luther allow the murder to fall to his death? His superiors, colleagues and ex wife all wonder.

Like Sherlock Holmes and Columbo, the two inspirations for the character, Luther is brilliant. He’s also troubled. His wife has moved on taking a new boyfriend, who’s a much safer, centered cardigan-wearing kind of guy. Luther’s still very much in love and his wife could be too, but she’s just done with the intensity.

Each episode takes viewers to the edge, Luther solves highly violent crimes though deduction and psychologically gets inside the heads of the criminals as no one on the force can. Yet by the end of the pilot episode the criminal, Alice, a genius who planned the perfect murder, starts stalking the cop as she becomes obsessed with Luther and his wife. The tables are turned and Alice pathologically enjoys toying with Luther throughout the series.