iPhone Guy Does it Again

This guy made his own standard iPhone a while back then he challenged himself to make a one-of-a-kind iPhone. In the top video you’ll see how he designed and got the back etched with a laser.

Below he shows how he got the back to glow and then me assembles the phone.


In the film State of the Union, starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, the cocktail sazerac plays a role. Here’s how you make one.

Find of the Week: Snazzy Labs

I’ve discovered a helpful YouTube channel for anyone with a computer that they want to use better or to fix. Focusing on Macs, Snazzy Labs offers helpful information to make using a computer more fun or efficient.

Check it out!


BBQ Pit Boys

I’m intrigued by regular folks who make a name for themselves on YouTube. These guys started out making how-to barbecue videos. It started with one man, who when he received a surprise (to him) check for his videos, recruited some pals and learned some camera techniques. Now his posse is watched by people all over the world. Some have set up clubs like BBQ Pit Boys Germany or BBQ Pit Boys Taiwan. Here’s a few of their videos. Maybe you can gather some friends and grill an alligator this weekend.


They were featured on an episode of Sarah’s Weekday Meals on PBS.

holmes on homes

What a cool show! Holmes on Homes is my new favorite show. Each week contractor Michael Holmes tackles a remodeling job that’s a disaster. Most likely, the project was overpriced, done improperly, now looks crappy and the original contractor has dodged the homeowner’s calls and evaded responsibility.

You see each stage, from the disastrous state, to demolition of the shoddy work to the properly done result. Throughout Holmes explains what the errors were and provided insights into the ethics of contracting and trends in devious practices. How I wish Mike Holmes was in Makassar.

It helps the buyer beware.