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Worcester, MA

I just found a helpful website if you’re looking to move somewhere, You type in a town and state or zip code and can see a map and data of all the recent crime reported in the vicinity. If you click on each symbol, you’ll get a brief description of the crime and it’s case number.

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University of Illinois, Champaign

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DePaul University, Chicago Illinois

Surprisingly, The neighborhoods of DePaul University and Loyola’s downtown campus in Chicago has far less crime than these smaller cities.



Until I saw Neruda, I had no idea what a selfish jerk poet cum senator Pablo Neruda was. I just thought he wrote beautiful romantic poetry. He was also a senator for the Communist party and gave a controversial speech against the Chilean president. In response, the president orders Neruda’s arrest and the libertine churl goes underground.

The film isn’t exactly a biopic as it’s told completely from the point of view of  Oscar Peluchonneau, a police officer played by Gael García Bernal, who’s the Ahab to Neruda’s white whale. This police officer imagined that his real father was a legendary police officer and he wants to prove himself by capturing Neruda. Throughout the film the officer narrates and comments on Neruda and waxes eloquently on the pursuit’s significance.

I had no interest in Neruda who had no concern for his friends who were risking their lives to keep him safe. If he felt like a walk to the local brothel, he’d go no matter how that might expose both him and his friends.

I found the central character obnoxious and the voice overs were soon annoying. I so disliked Neruda, who was full of hot air in his political career, with little real concern for the poor people he grew up with that I’m not sure anything could make me like the film. However, it did win the 2017 Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film so some writers did like it.


Waking the Dead

waking_the_dead_wideweb__470x360Waking the Dead is a British reliable, sturdy police procedure. While it’s not in the same league as Luther, it entertains. Waking the Dead depicts a cold case police unit and each crime is solved in two hour long episodes. Episode one and two revolved around solving the case of a teenage girl who was abducted, raped and murdered.

The hero is Det. Sup. Peter Boyd who was on this case the first time. He wants to make up for botching the case. We get a little, but not much of his personal life. Mainly the show is about solving the case, which is fine. Boyd’s not flamboyant, very no nonsense. The drama lies with the situation with the occasional conflict amongst team members.

There was enough here to keep me watching and to watch again.


Five Days


While not as compelling as MI-5 (a.k.a. Spooks) or Sherlock, Five Days is a solid detective program from the BBC. The series looks at a crime and all the concerned parties, police, suspects, victims and guilty party, on five different days: the day of the crime, the following day, a week later, a month after that and 108 days after the crime. It’s an original premise and works.

I viewed season 2, not realizing it was season 2. The season was self-contained so there was no problem knowing what’s what. The central crime involved a person in a burqa who jumps in front of a train. Why? Who is this? Is there any connection to a baby who’s abandoned at a hospital the same day? There are several plot lines going at once, but their kept clear so viewers don’t get confused. It’s easy to get caught up in the search for the truth about the train accident/possible murder, the detective’s relationship with her mother who’s got dementia, the abandon baby’s future and the Muslim couple’s quest for a baby. There’s a lot going on, but the pacing and plots are handled well making for a series that works. I will go back and watch the first series.

I could easily become a long time fan if they make more.


The French Connection

Cover of "The French Connection"

Cover of The French Connection

Popeye Doyle just didn’t do it for me. The third film I watched coming to China was the well known cop film The French Connection with Gene Hackman. It’s got a great chase scene that I’ve seen a few times, but I think there have just been so many good cop dramas on TV and the silver screen that have characters with more depth and chases that are just as riveting. This story of just didn’t grab me as much as I hoped it would.

Roger Ebert liked The French Connection much more than I did.

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