Raise Your Glass: The Glee Project

Here’s the final video for the 2011 The Glee Project. It was exuberant and excellent. Hats off to the director, choreographer and all the cast. I said it before, but it was great to see all the 12 contenders reunite for a final number.

The last show was gripping. After the video, all four finalists had to sing a song of their own choosing. I’d say Lindsay’s “Gimme Gimme” was the most memorable, though everyone sang well. It was tense waiting to hear who’d be chosen. Executive Producer Ryan Murphy drew the process out quite dramatically. First the Glee cast members and TGP voice coach, Nikki, were polled for feedback and each person asked gave both the pros and cons of the final four: Lindsay, Alex, Damien and Samuel. Ryan and the other writers had to decide in the end and admitted that they spent the week arguing over whom to choose.

First Murphy told Alex he wouldn’t be on the show. Then Lindsay was told the same. Damien and Samuel remained. I was rooting for Damien, though I’ve liked Samuel and think he does bring something different to the cast.

Murphy announced that Samuel had won a seven episode spot on Glee and I felt an odd disappointment. Guess I wanted Damien (or Lindsay) more than I realized.

Murphy asked Damien how he felt about not winning and the answer was sincere and gracious. To mix things up in this reality show genre, Murphy then announced that Damien would also get a seven episode spot. Then he announced that Alex and Lindsay would be on two episodes each. Win win win win.

Now some purists may feel Murphy et al cheated, but that’s silly. They need more performers for this coming season. Why would you let go of talented people? I’d also like to see Hannah and Cameron appear this season or next. I hardly think that’s cheating. That’s doing your job well.

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The Glee Project

This week was quite dramatic, but then the final decision was quite satisfying.

The theme was “Generosity” and the music video featured each of the final four singing with a child from an L.A. music program. Of all the episodes’ videos this one just didn’t wow me.

As a game changer rather than saving one of the four, all had to sing and rather than Zach and Robert deciding with Ryan whom to eliminate, Ryan called in his co-creator to decide.

I would be okay with Alex leaving as his personality seems so flat. If Sam were to go this week, though I could see him as an interesting choice, I wouldn’t shed any tears.



In the end all four contenders, Lindsay, Alex, Sam and Damien were allowed to return. No one was eliminated, which seems like a wise decision. It doesn’t serve the show to get rind of someone when they can let them come back and show more range, depth and talent.

Glee Project: My Two Cents for the Week

Spoiler Alert – for July 17th episode


Matheus standing on right

While I’ve been ambivalent about Matheus staying on, I am sorry to see him go. I do think he’d have made a good guest on Glee. But someone had to go, and while I wouldn’t have minded losing Alex, who has been a diva. I don’t see a seven episode storyline for him. I’m glad Cameron’s on. His personality gets more interesting as time goes by.

Now for the others. I really hope I don’t see Damien and Cameron in the bottom three next week. Though Lindsay’s a good performer, storywise, I have no idea what she brings to the show. She could be a Rachel-clone, but that’s rather too campy and it adds no dimension or conflict to the program. Good singers are going to have to be eliminated soon.

I can see Sam or Hannah on Glee.

P.S. What’s interesting about The Glee Project is that I find I’m more attached to some of these performers than I am to some of the characters on Glee. I do hope this project is repeated in 2012. I love seeing the new talent that’s out there.