Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien is a goofy series of YouTube Videos that feature actual celebrities.

Yep, this guy just tapes in a closet with celebrities. A kiss is at least attempted with every guest.

Patricia Clarkson found time for giggling in the closet.

Amy Poehler had to gargle after the kiss attempt.


I Was a Male War Bride

I Was A Male War Bride 1

The “old” movie I watched this week as part of my 2014 New Year’s resolution was I Was a Male War Bride starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan. Grant plays Henri, a French army officer, who must go on a mission with Catherine, an American officer. In true 1940s romantic comedy fashion, neither wants to go with the other and as they travel to find a German lens maker in a small town, they bicker continually, yet wittily, while encountering one mishap after another. In time they admit that their conflict is simply pent up sexual chemistry with a healthy dash of love, they decide to marry.

In occupied Germany after WWII, the newly married couple face a series of wacky bureaucratic problems when they set off for America on army transport. Theirs was a horrible and comical wedding night and honeymoon.

The film was rather dated and contrived. The actors did what could be done with the stilted story and I guess they were assigned by the studio to do this so so movie in a pre-TV era when new content had to be cranked out.

Here Comes the Groom

here comes groom

Directed by Frank Capra, Here Comes the Groom stars Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman in an entertaining romantic comedy. Bing plays a reporter who’s working in France after WWII since he’s gotten waylaid at an orphanage helping them to get orphans adopted. He’s left a long time fiancée in the US and she’s tired of waiting and waiting for him.

With his fiancée giving him an ultimatum and his editor calling him back to the US, Pete (Crosby) navigates the red tape and returns with two French orphans planning to marry Emmadel. Unfortunately, the fiancée Emmadel is engaged, to a multi-millionaire no less. Pete must act fast to change her mind and find a mother for these kids.

Lots of singing, dancing and comedy ensues. It’s not sophisticated and I wasn’t rolling on the floor, but there was enough originality and wit to keep me entertained.

Marry Me

With my current job, I have been working 14 and 16 hour days and had no energy for movies. I did see the DVD for Marry Me a Lifetime production written by Barbara Hall, who created Judging Amy and Joan of Arcadia. Since I like her work and this seemed like some light entertainment, I got it.

Well, it took me like two months to watch this 2 part (4 hour with commercials) romantic comedy.

Marry Me stars Lisa Liu as a social worker who’s boyfriend doesn’t propose as she hoped. Instead he announces his big news is that he’s off into the wild to photograph frogs in the wild. So she finds herself rebooting and re-evaluating her love life. Before you know it, this smart social worker who always wanted to be an artist is dating again and soon has three attractive men pursuing her.

I can hear you saying, “Yeah, right.” I get it and agree. Marry Me is definitely far fetched and somewhat predictable. The lessons in love aren’t new and some of the romantic lessons are just too obvious. For example, at one point Liu is traveling around Europe with her new beau’s best friend who literally owns a castle. She’s literally walking the path of a princess. Of course, she learns that a normal life is more her style.

So Marry Me is sweet, rather too sweet. It includes some good lines, and diverts, but doesn’t quite fill the bill as entertainment. It’s just a bit too predictable and too cute.