The Glee Project: Fearlessness

The theme was fearlessness and Jane Lynch was the mentor this week and she was a breath of fresh air. Not that the other cast members weren’t but Jane has an unique energy level. The contestants had to sing a rap song for their homework. They chose to do choreography involving everyone shaking their rear ends at Robert and Jane. Why didn’t anyone think that might be lame? Now that Mario’s gone there’s no one in the group that objects to the ideas.

Aylin and Charlie pledge to be less affectionate. Yeah, right. I do wonder what Aylin’s family thinks now that they can see this series. Turkey is progressive as far as Muslim countries go so they may not really be as strict as she says. A strict family would have watched Glee and then forbid their child to try out.

Lily won the personal mentoring session with Jane, who felt Lily was a young version of herself.

The video was much better than last week. This mash up of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” and Pat Benatar‘s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”  was a slushie fight in a swimming pool.

Nellie, Aylin and Charlie were in the bottom three. I wouldn’t have had Nellie at the bottom this week. Yes, a person has to come out of her shell, but the mentors don’t have to go out of their way to insist that she be more blatantly sexual. I think she would have done fine. I’m not as impressed with Blake or Michael. Aylin was giggling and Charlie didn’t control his autism spectrum stuff so he had to perform.

Charlie went home despite a robust performance of Tom Jone’s “It’s Not Unusual.” I wouldn’t be surprised if next season we saw a character with autism of Ausberger’s, but the actor won’t actually have the condition so he’ll be easier to direct.

I’m glad Nellie and Aylin have another week.

Trivia: Aylin graduated from my sister and brother’s high school Loyola Academy, a Catholic school in Wilmette. It’s a rather progressive school so I’m surprised such strict parents would send her there.

Dear Writers of Choke,

Wish we’d heard more of the song before she choked

Ah, I saw the Glee episode Choke, and well, it was okay. So many of this season’s episodes have been just that: okay. The problem is I’m showing my students season one and those are fresh and absorbing. Mind you I’m watching them for the third or fourth time and they still entertain.

It was dramatic that Rachel choked on her audition for NYADA.  Sad, since she’s the best performer and unjust, but it was realistic and now there are opportunities for her to do something different. I didn’t like or buy that NYADA would send a famous woman to Lima, OH to listen to two students. Not in a million years. Also, it would have been more dramatic if the audition included lots of hopefuls just like Kurt and Rachel. Whoopi Goldberg‘s role could have been played by anyone. She was on so briefly, that I doubt I’d have hired her, better to use an actress from a good theater company like Steppenwolf and save some money to donate to a woman’s shelter.

Now for the domestic violence storyline, which seemed so forced and preachy. This is a real issue, but it didn’t work here. Why wouldn’t Sue, as a teacher, enlarge the number of girls she wanted to teach or preach about domestic violence to? She would bring in all her Cheerios. She just would. Yes, she just heard Santana and company making light of the issue at Coach Beast’s expense, but that’s usually a sign that the average student would do something like this. Hence an educator would want to reach all students, even young men. It’s not simply a women’s issue and Sue’s smart enough to know that. I could see the prolonged abuse Coach Beast is experiencing a mile away even before she lied to Sue. A good story would have been harder to predict. Also Coach Beast is the obvious candidate as a victim so it would have been more interesting for the swimming coach to have been beaten, after all, she’s most like Santana, whom needed to learn that she’s not invincible.

Puck’s flunking rang true but his father showing up at just the right time was so contrived. Who actually takes European geography? I’d believe him flunking Geography and then you could still have him sing “The Rain in Spain.” There were times when I watched and I channeled Sue. I just needed a megaphone to yell, “Sloppy! You writers are sloppy!”

Sam’s character seems so lame, so not like any Christian I’ve met, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. I can’t buy that he’s been so sheltered that he’s stupid, yet he sports edgy hair and tattoos. He sports the look of the cool edgy alternative home school kid, not the dweeb. His infatuation with Quinn could be interesting though.

I can’t believe it but though, One Tree Hill was never as good as the first season of Glee, it held it’s own for the first three seasons.



Glee: Yes/No

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Glee‘s Episode “Yes/No” was full of proposals. Kudos to Will’s grand, dare I say over the top nautical, proposal to Emma. For a minute it seemed like he’d call the whole thing off as her parents were so against it, but Emma’s impassioned speech helped Will see clearly.

The show also meandered with Sam and Mercedes. Supposedly, they’d had a summer romance and he wanted to start things up again, but since Mercedes is dating a football player she nixed that idea. The whole storyline seemed cobbled together. Yet Sam’s not defeated so in the weeks to come, I suppose there will be more.

The plotline with Becky asking Arnie rang truer. She had eyes for him, but he just wanted to be friends. Poor Becky. She does have Sue to console her and act as a role model. Again, poor Becky, but lucky Sue because that’s the one relationship that keeps Sue humane.

Out of left field, Finn decided to propose to Rachel. Since his parents and Will, convinced him not to follow in his dad’s footsteps and join the army, Finn’s desperate to give his life purpose. The story of his dad having a drug problem after the war, seems 100% contrived. If that had been a secret the mother kept for sometime then, I’d buy it and there’d have been more drama. It was good to finally see a new episode, but I felt manipulated by Finn’s proposal at the end of the show. Just as Rachel seems to.

Glee: Funeral

I thought this week’s episode was really good, probably one of the top shows for the season. I liked that the auditions allowed us to see some really strong singing and I confess I was so moved by the funeral. Though Jean was just an occasional presence, I’ll miss her. She was crucial to Sue being a well-rounded character and Jean allowed the writers to introduce themes regarding people with disabilities without reaching too far into the distance.