Bunheads: Movie Truck

Just dreadful. There isn’t much more to say. This week’s Bunheads dragged along with little of interest. The big drama took place in the background in a huge argument between Sasha’s parents. What we saw was small potatoes.

Fanny was on for a couple minutes to call Michelle to say she’ll have to teach because Fanny’s run off to a resort for a much needed vacation. Fanny’s neither fish nor fowl. When it’s convenient she’s the strict, disciplined woman, wise compared to the flighty Michelle, now she’s fled town for a vacation. Wouldn’t she just tell Michelle? Hey, I need a break. I’m going away and I insist that you help out for once. She’s not a wimp. It’s not outside Fanny’s comfort zone.

Anyway, Michelle teaches the class and that’s not a big deal though she keeps sputtering to Fanny that she can’t. It makes no sense since teaching the girls the dance for Hubble’s funeral was effortless.

The rest of the episode featured Michelle celebrating her birthday with a friend from Vegas and the nerdy woman who pined for Hubble. For some reason Michelle’s stuck with junior high social skills and allowing this nerd to come along was a sacrifice.

The other plot line involved Sasha and the girls sneaking in and out of her house to see a movie in the touring movie truck. I’ve forgotten why her parents would have objected to girls going out to see a movie on the weekend. There must have been some contrivance that attempted to support that notion. The problem that the writers needed was that the girls couldn’t get back inside since Sasha’s home alarm would go on automatically at 11 preventing them from entering without waking the parents’ who were having a knock out drag out fight earlier because Sasha’s mom discovered her husband was gay. (That would be the most dramatic thing to happen in town that week, but we just get a bit of gossip and little else about that. Neither Sasha nor her friends discuss that issue.)

The show was just so weird and so off. Who is really writing this? It’s amateurish and ABC Family Channel should really pull it. It’s a guilty displeasure at this point. The only thing worse on the air is Political Animals. I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of that mess.

Bunheads: Inherit the Wind (1.03)

The third episode of the promising Bunheads was rather ho hum. The show needs to establish a need for Michelle to stay in town with a mother-in-law she barely knows. That business was taken care of with this episode. So this episode itself was nothing to write home about. I could point out its blandness, but I like the two leads and Amy Sherman-Pallidino, the executive producer, so let’s just say this is not a must-see, while hoping that next week the show can concentrate on the relationships at hand.

Basically, there was a sit down with Hubbell’s lawyer who explained that Michelle now owns the house and land. Both Michelle and Fanny were stunned, especially Fanny, who figured she’d be homeless.

An annoying, self-interested real estate scared Michelle hoping to get her to $ell. Fortunately, Michelle got stranded on a multimillionaire’s property and had to meet him. The eligible, handsome millionaire gave Michelle some good advice and so she won’t get conned into selling.

I do expect this debonaire catch will soon be available for Michelle, they’ll date and we’ll have a cliff hanger featuring the future of their relationship. How unlike anyone’s life. Naively, I still Bunheads think has potential and even if it’s just a Cinderella story.

In essence it was an hour of set ups and contrivances with the occasional wit.

Seems there was no Bunheads this week probably due to the holiday. It’s too bad since due to the high temps sitting inside watching TV is a good way to cope.